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Breaking Records

College Football’s leading sponsor came to VMG to re-think it’s season long activation and fan engagement platform: The Mascot Challenge. The traditional playbook of TV ads and Facebook posts was not moving the chains. VMG devised a content led 360 approach and reached the fans where they lived, online and through mobile text to vote channels. We created 16 documentaries” highlighting each mascot’s origin” story and armed each university with tool kits for content sharing and celebration, enabling the student body to be the campaign’s ambassadors. Aside from these videos becoming the de facto legend of each school’s mascot, engagement on all channels rewrote the record books.


  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Visual Design
  • Messaging
  • Website Design
  • Technical Development
  • App Development
  • System Integration
  • Content Creation


  • Video views increased over 900%
  • Campaign voting increased from 7MM votes to 56MM
  • ESPN Video of the Day 4X
Penn State
Michigan State
Oregon State
University of Nevada
Iowa State
Ohio State