Bergdorf Goodman Strategy,Visual Design,Website Design,Technical Development,System Integration,E-Commerce

Window Shopping

The New York retail icon sought to leverage its decades rich content library and editorial prowess to drive online engagement and commerce. VMG created a digital-first publication, 5th & 58th, which evolved the editorial experience for the digital paradigm, rivaling industry leading magazines in its content, layout and presentation. We wrapped the visitor in a dynamic world of editorial, events and seasonal collections and developed the first ever digital archive of the famed Bergdorf window displays. On top of this we layered in user first commerce technology which intuitively drove from content to commerce in a seamless user experience. The result is a historic retail destination for all time.


  • Strategy
  • Visual Design
  • Website Design
  • Technical Development
  • System Integration
  • E‑Commerce

A Storied Heritage. Bergdorf’s legendary physical presence as the literal and figurative cornerstone of its digital strategy.