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A Lease on Life

The leading developer of luxury rental apartments was looking for a way to retain tenants as they graduated into new life stages, which often led to a change of residence. Whether single, coupled up or a new family how could Related and their tenants grow together? 

VMG established Related as a lifestyle brand offering content and services to the various segments of the its tenant mix. We led with a content-first strategy, creating exclusive media publications like The Related Life, an industry-first online magazine. The Related Life delivered premium content in the worlds of travel, cuisine, architecture and design which catered to tenant interests and through CRM channels engaged with them at critical decision-making life moments.


  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Visual Design
  • Naming
  • Messaging
  • Website Design
  • Technical Development
  • System Integration
  • Experiential
  • Content Creation


  • Industry leading social media engagement rate across all channels
  • Cost per Lead (CPL) reduced 50% due to content strategy

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