Muhammad Ali Collection : EVERLAST


For their 100th Anniversary, Everlast launched the new Muhammad Ali collection. At the heart of the digitally-led launch was the Ali microsite created by VMG. We were excited to create this site for a great sports brand featuring the greatest fighter of all time. That said, it was also a big responsibility. You can’t make a website featuring the Greatest and have it be just ok.


To celebrate Ali, commemorate an anniversary, and showcase the collection, VMG chose the route of inspiration as the best way to bring everything together. A series of digitally shareable cards printed with various components of Ali’s training regimen, along with iconic photography of Ali, were given a place of prominence on the site.

Additional moments of inspiration using Ali quotes and photographs that we then “answered” with specific items from the collection. As encouragement and invitation to take part in the sport.


A successful launch of the Ali collection.
Pride. A great project about The Greatest supported by a historic brand.

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