Fabreze Sport : FEBREZE


Procter and Gamble tasked VMG with creating awareness for Febreze Sport. Febreze Sport was designed specifically for odor elimination in apparel that could not be washed, like sporting gear or protective clothing. This very specific function demanded a hands-on approach to spreading the word.


After 9 years in NFL locker rooms, VMG partner Dhani Jones was no stranger to powerful odors in sporting gear. He was the perfect man for the job. So we sent him out in the world on a mission of odor-reducing advocacy.

Dhani was cast as an odor-banishing superhero.

We staged scent-a-ventions at a firehouse, a gym, a construction site, and university.

And while we were there, we shot a series of videos that would be housed on a custom designed Facebook page.


The videos generated approximately 250,000 views, and garnered positive press for the product.

The initial launch work was seen as being so successful and compelling by P & G that it served as the inspiration for a national integrated campaign featuring real people trying the product

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